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Finding your own Personal Style

Finding your own Personal Style

My style

I can't really describe my own personal style, but I would say that there is a pattern in the way I dress, whether it is because of a subconscious influence or not.

As a poor student, I don't have access to designer brands like Giorgio Armani or Gucci, I shop from brands like Topman, H&M, Uniqlo and Superdry. I found that my style developed as I aged, at 12-15 I was stuck in an Anime craze. My entire wardrobe consisted of tees with Naruto, Pokemon and One Piece prints. As awesome as I thought I was, I got hit but sudden realisation of how out my style was compared to the norm. I found this out when I picked up my first issue of GQ. I still remember the issue, British GQ May 2012 with Candice Swanepoel on the cover, photographed by Terry Richardson.

British GQ May 2012

As soon as I opened the issue I was blown away with the style of clothing. It was so gentlemanly (ironic I know, but I didn't realise the GQ stood for Gentleman's Quarter). I tried to mimic the styles in the magazine, I quickly switched my style to slim fitted shirts and dark, richer tone pants. As someone who had completely no sense in fashion, switching styles this dramatically felt like taking off a hoodie and putting on a fringed jacket.

My current style for fall/winter this year is lots of layers. This is a common look I have; a tee (I get my tees from Super Superficial, I made a post about it check it out!), a hoodie, and my bomber jacket. For me it's super comfy and I just love lots of layers to protect me from the wind and snow.

Finding your own Personal Style

Finding your own style isn't as hard as it seems. Here's a few things you should definitely keep in mind.

Finding out the trends

It's always important to keep in mind what the latest trends are. has a good section on current trends. Example being; Moody Blooms is really in right now. 

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 

Oscar de la Renta f/w 2013

This style with rich dark colours mixed with the gothic style floral prints captures a darker perception of Fall fashion. 

This doesn't mean you should swap out your entire wardrobe for dandelion prints, but you should try and buy a few items that are in that season. Trends like Monochromatic, Square prints and overly large coats are almost always popular.


Fit is so key to looking your best. I'm not the best example for this because my body is quite weird. In the Reddit subreddit 'malefashionadvice' they always stress about fit, making sure each article of clothing works for you. Here's a comprehensive article they have about how clothes should fit.

In my previous post about Tees, the pictures showed how wide the sleeves were compared to my arms. There is a way to hide that by wearing a jacket or a hoodie on top. That is another reason why I wear so many layers, it hides the fact that some clothes might be a bit too big, or too small. I've been to a few stores the ones that I think perfectly fit my skinny body shape are Uniqlo, H&M and Superdry. Uniqlo is my favourite place to get jeans and pants, because I'm quite small my legs don't really fill the length of jeans properly, but Uniqlo have an alteration service that takes care of that, and the service takes less than an hour. Topman sometimes works well for me, but make sure you check the label whether it says skinny, regular, etc.

It's your choice

In the end the clothes that you buy and what you decide to wear is up to you. Fashion is an art form, it can be interpreted in anyway, make sure the clothes are right for you and your personality. Clothes usually look better at the store; if you're uncomfortable with it in the store, don't get it! Three things you should take away from this is; FIT, COMFORT and PERSONALITY.  

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